Peregrine Way 5G Mast Appeal Dismissed

A government Planning Inspector has now ruled that a proposed 5G mast should not be allowed to be built on a grass verge on Peregrine Way. This supports Cherwell Council’s decision to reject the mast when the proposal was first put forward in summer 2022.

Among the key points is that the Planning Inspector did not consider that the proposed mast had been sympathetically designed as required. Moreover, the development would be harmful to the character and appearance of the area.

To view a copy of the full Inspector’s report please click here.


A government Planning Inspector must now rule on whether a towering 5G mast to improve mobile signal coverage should be built on a grass verge alongside Peregrine Way at Langford Village. 

Cherwell District Council threw out the original plan for the 16m tall mast in August last year on grounds of its adverse visual impact and detriment to local residents. But now the company that’s seeking permission to build – CK Hutchison Networks – has launched a formal appeal as it still wishes to go ahead on the same chosen site.

Anyone who wishes to add further comments, either in support or opposition, now has until 13th July 2023 to submit them. Before making a decision the government Planning Inspector will then make a visit to the site, which is near the junction to Merlin Way but on the opposite side of the road and towards Falcon Mead and the roundabout. 

A number of local objectors, including the LVCA, have also opposed the chosen site as they also believe it’s unsuitable but have suggested that the applicants to build the mast should seek a better site somewhere else that’s still in the Langford vicinity.

An idea of how the Langford mast would look – this one is on Leach Road in west Bicester

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