Book to Hire the Hall

The Hall is open for Regular Groups to book on weekdays and for Casual Bookings at weekends (one-off events such as children’s birthday parties up to a MAXIMUM of 50 people only).


      • Only one booking is possible per day for parties etc at weekends, as we cannot clean between such bookings.
      • The minimum booking time at weekends is 3 hours.
      • We do NOT accept bookings for wedding receptions at the Hall.

All REGULAR users must file a copy of their Risk Assessment with the Committee, and agree to be bound by the conditions of the Hall’s own Risk Assessment.

Only regular activity groups who can pledge to follow all the necessary rules and conditions are able to book and run their events.

Booking instructions:

If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at our Hall Information page and Gallery to check that the Hall meets your needs. Also please check our location in Bicester, OX26 6XX by clicking here, as a booking in the past was actually made for the wrong venue that was somewhere else and far away !

Once you are ready to book, you can now make bookings yourself online via the user-friendly Hallmaster system. You no longer need to call or email, just follow instructions 1-5 below. However, if you are not confident with that, or just want to check-out anything, you can still make an enquiry and/or arrange a viewing by contacting the Booking Secretary – See Section 6.

Before you begin the booking process, please be aware that you will not be able to complete a booking request without confirming that you have read and agree to our Hire Agreement and General Terms & Conditions of Hire. So, please read them now by clicking on this Link. (The current hire charges are shown in section 4)

1.   Check Hall Availability and Create Account

To check Hall availability for your event(s) scroll down to the Hallmaster booking calendar at the bottom of this page. Then, when you are ready to book, please return here again and proceed to the following instructions:

In the Hallmaster calendar, on the date required make sure the times you want are free, then click on the + symbol, which will open up a new customer registration form. You will be asked to add your name, address, phone number and email, and you’ll also be asked to set up a password. You will then get an email asking you to verify your account, which you must do before completing your booking request.

2.   Complete Booking


Enter an Event Name, such as Fred’s Party, or Private Event, then add the start and end times. The minimum session time is 3 hours, and please ensure that you include sufficient time for setting-up and clearing-up. Please also note that bookings for private parties are not permitted beyond 8:00pm.


If you are booking a series of regular classes the minimum booking is 1 hour, you may wish to add an Event Description, so people can read about your classes online. In this case you should change the default Privacy settings to Public.

Next enter in the relevant box the approximate number of people you expect to attend.

In the Special Requirements box please add anything which may help us validate whether our venue is suitable for your event. E.g. Will you be selling goods or services; will you charge for admission; are you planning to serve or sell alcohol; or do you wish to use a bouncy castle in the hall? Also, please add if you would like to use our kitchen, tables, chairs, etc. there is no extra charge for these.

Finally, having ensured you have fully read the Hire Agreement and General Terms & Conditions of Hire, tick the box to confirm you accept them, and then click on the ‘Save and Send Booking Email’ box.

3.   Get Confirmation

As soon as you complete a booking request you will receive an automated email confirming your initial request. Our Bookings Secretary will then check all the details and, if everything is ok, you will receive another email confirming your booking, subject to payment. While we aim to respond to booking requests within 48 hours please do not contact us unless you have not received a Booking Confirmation email after 7 days.  

4.   Invoicing and Payment

Soon after receiving your Booking Confirmation email you will receive your invoice, also by email, and this will include the LVCA bank details. To fully secure your booking please pay the Hire Charge by BACs as soon as possible, quoting your invoice number and surname in the reference field. If you are unable to pay by BACS please contact us via the email address on the bottom of the invoice as soon as possible.

A refundable £100 Security Deposit will also be included on the invoice, but this does not have to be paid until 7 days before your booking date. However, you may choose to pay this earlier, rather than risk missing the payment date, and thus potential cancellation of your booking.

Any time you logon to your Hallmaster account you will be able to see the status of all your bookings and invoices, including payments received by us.

5.   Access to the hall

Around a week before the date of your booking you will be contacted by our Booking Secretary to explain access arrangements.

6.   Contact

Booking Secretary: email or phone 07946 289092

The LVCA committee are all unpaid volunteers and we kindly ask that all hall hirers should treat us fairly. We’ll do all we can to help your bookings run smoothly but, as we’re not available 24/7, we ask that you’re reasonable in all your communications.


Please note: To view the FULL calendar you’ll need to drag down the grey bar on the right.