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Draft Minutes of the LVCA AGM 2022

The draft minutes of the AGM held on 3rd October 2022 are now available to view and download. Please click here

The slide presentation given at the AGM on the Langford Village bus service is here.

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Please note that it will take a little while for these minutes to be made ready but as soon as they are you will get to know about it.

Missed the AGM?

AGM – Reminder

All Langford Village residents and friends are welcome to attend – there’s no need to register in advance, just come along to the Community Centre Hall for 7.30pm on Monday 3rd October.

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Watch our 2021 AGM

A recording of the 2021 AGM held on 5th October is available to view by clicking this link.

LVCA AGM via Zoom 2021

To contact our Chairman please use the online contact form or make a comment here.

The 2021 AGM

This year the LVCA Annual General Meeting is on Tuesday 5th October at 7.30pm.

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News About the AGM

This year the LVCA will not be holding an AGM but a Chairman’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and our Accounts are all now published for residents to view on our website. Please click here to go to our speciial page.

Revised LVCA Constitution

The present LVCA Constitution is now outdated and it is proposed to amend this to conform to current requirements.

The original constitution can be viewed here, and the proposed amendments are detailed here. It is planned to discuss these proposals at the LVCA Annual General Meeting held at the Langford Village Community Hall on Thursday 14th September at 7.30pm.

Addition topics on the agenda include updates on the Graven Hill, Wretchwick Green, Symmetry Park and Gavray Meadows developments, plus Community policing, FLTR Coffee, Community centre improvements and the Community defibrillator.