Travellers on Mallards Way Meadows

Encampment 1Update: 7th May 18.45

Mallards Way Meadows now clear of travellers. Some litter left and a few tyre tracks in the grass, but overall it could have been a lot worse.

Congratulations to the police and councillors for resolving this issue so quickly.

Update: 7th May 15.30

Bicester Town councillors Dan Sames & Nick Cotter report that Town Council staff and Thames Valley Police have met with the travellers and asked them to leave this afternoon. If necessary, Thames Valley Police will serve notice to leave by 18.00 under Section 61 of the Crime & Disorder Act and if enforcement is then required, the police will take action although this may be delayed until tomorrow morning to ensure adequate resources.

Original Article

On Wednesday 6th May a number of travellers moved onto the meadows  between Mallards Way and Langford Brook. This land is Bicester Town Council property and the Council Chief Officer promptly contacted Thames Valley Police, who have visited the site and issued a “code of conduct” (see Thames Valley Police document, Appendix C) pending further action by Bicester Council. In the meantime, the police have asked residents to report any cases of antisocial behaviour or criminal activity and they will respond to it.

A Home Office summary of available powers to deal with unauthorised encampments (2015) can be viewed here, together with the accompanying letter sent to local authorities and police.

Further updates to this post will be added when available.

2 thoughts on “Travellers on Mallards Way Meadows

  1. Thanks for the update. “issued them with a code of conduct”.. That seems pretty useless on the face of it to be honest. Should they not be evicted or charged with trespass? Pretty sure if I had done what they have they would not be this PC touchy feely response from the authorities..

  2. I just had a call from OCC responding to a message I left for them yesterday about this. Apparently they have until tomorrow morning (Friday) to leave or the police will move them on. He’s hopeful they should all be gone by the weekend.

    As far as I can see they were in contravention of at least 4 points on the Code of Conduct: Forcing entry to land (chainsawed wooden post); Causing any other damage to the land itself, or property on it (same); Driving vehicles along any footpath, or other highway not specifically designed for road vehicles (in order to get their vehicles where they are now); Excessive noise or other forms
    of anti-social behaviour (motorbikes and quad bikes last night).

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