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Langford Medical CentreAs announced in the local press, a report published yesterday by the Care Quality Commission gave an overall “inadequate” rating for Langford Medical Practice.

Although this practice is well regarded by Langford residents and was also rated “good” in the report for being caring and responsive, the Commission found areas of concern regarding the provision of safe services, and also uncertainties about some policies and procedures.

Langford medical practice has now been placed into “special measures” for six months to enable these issues to be addressed before a further inspection is carried out.

A summary of the Care Quality Commission findings can be viewed here, and the full report here.

One thought on “Langford Medical Practice

  1. As a long standing member of the Patients’ Participation Group of Langford Medical Practice, I (and others in the PPG) are continuing to give our support to the Practice. The faults found by the CQC were all concerned with administration like not keeping a record of fire drills, checking the fire extinguishers, fire exits and general cleaning. All these tasks were done but the records had not been completed. Medicines had not been tracked and documented 24/7 and staff who had been at the practice for more than 2 years had not been checked by the police. However they were all known personally by the GPs. At no time was there any breaches of procedures likely to endanger any patient’s life. Remember that you can get an appointment at Langford far more speedily than at other surgeries in Bicester due to the dedication of the lead GPs at the practice.

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