Please Watch Your Speed!

Have you spotted the new addition for our community on Langford Village?

Langford Village Community Association (LVCA) has managed to obtain a grant to purchase a vehicle activated speed sign which has now been installed on the Kestrel/Ravencroft/Swansfield side of Peregrine Way.

The aim is to help ensure we all have a safe Langford Village and that everyone who lives or visits can understand the need to adhere to the speed limit.

The device records the speeds at which vehicles are travelling and that information can be extracted regularly and, if necessary, shared with the Police.

The unit can be turned around to record the opposite direction of travel and also moved to the opposite leg of  Peregrine Way, which is planned in due course.

Thanks for your support.

Carole Hetherington, Chairman LVCA

One thought on “Please Watch Your Speed!

  1. About time! Not only to keep it safe from speeding but also for children and pet cats. I have lost 2 cats recently 6 weeks apart . People speed off the roundabout and cats have no chance, imagine if it was a child.
    Having young children/tweens who are starting to go out alone
    I welcome this so much .

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