By-election Voting on Monday 4th September



The result of the by-election held in Bicester South on 4th September shows a win for the Liberal Democrats.

Their candidate, Alisa Russell, is elected as another of the Bicester Town councillors who represent the interests of Langford residents.

Voting numbers for each candidate and percentage of the vote:

Alisa Russell (Lib Dem) 731 (51.5%)
Dan Sames (Conservative) 495 (34.9%)
Robert Nixon (Labour) 192 (13.5%)

Voter turnout was 16.8%

The by-election was held following the resignation of another Liberal Democrat councillor (Jamie Jessett) who had been elected in May 2023.


Very unusually, residents of Langford Village and nearby are being asked to vote to elect a new Bicester Town councillor to join the others who already represent this area. This circumstance was brought about when one of the councillors elected last May chose to resign.

The poll is taking place on MONDAY 4th September with polling stations open between 7am and 10pm. The Community Hall at Nightingale Place will be the venue to vote for those who usually make a visit there during elections but for Langford residents who usually vote at a mobile polling station on Corncrake/Mallards Way there is an important change. They will need to visit The Garth in order to vote this time. Full details can be found on your polling card, which you should have now received if you are registered and eligible to vote.

A reminder that you are required to produce appropriate photo identification when going to vote.

The candidates standing for election are:

Robert Nixon, Labour

Ailsa Russell, Liberal Democrat

Dan Sames, Conservative

For more details ahead of this by-election please click here

Langford Life/LVCA will publish the result of the by-election when it has been announced.