Changes to 27 bus timetable

The number 27 bus timetable is changing from 1st November. The present school bus service route that was introduced on the 27 is being dropped, as it’s clear that nobody is using it. The new timetable is simpler and as shown.

Water Level in Langford Brook

Do you know that during times of rain it’s easy to follow the water levels of Langford Brook?

The app here indicates that – usually quite close to real time – for viewing whenever you wish.

Our picture is from 04.10.20 when the Brook burst its banks in a number of places and flooded some of the paths and playing fields when the level was at 1.66m. The area near the bridge and towards London Road was particularly affected by water completely covering the footpaths.

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Neighbourhood Policing

Thames Valley PoliceBicester police sergeant Steve Willis has sent the following message to the LVCA with a request to pass this on to Langford residents:

As the Sergeant of the Bicester Town Neighbourhood Policing Team, I am committed to providing team members who the community can recognise and work with to resolve the policing issues that matter most to them.

Neighbourhood Policing is a collective effort and involves a range of partner agencies and local residents working together to direct the police response. Its success relies on the public telling the police what its concerns are. Through public engagement, we are seeking to identify the top three priorities that the community of Bicester would like the Neighbourhood Policing team and partners to tackle over the next twelve months.

Over the next year we will as a team be focusing on the newly set priorities and will be providing regular community feedback on the progress being made by the police and our partners. However, a new strand of our problem solving approach will be to encourage community resilience and we will be looking at setting up initiatives such as Community Speed Watch and involving community volunteers on a greater scale.

Any feedback on what you feel the three policing priorities should be for Bicester will be gratefully received and will help shape our service provision over the year to come. Residents comments can be sent to

PS 4981 Steve Willis, Bicester Town Neighbourhood Policing Team.
Address: Thames Valley Police, Bicester Police Station, Queen’s Avenue, Bicester, Oxon OX26 2NR.
Twitter: @TVP_Bicester
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