Rosé Wine Tasting at the Hall – Sat 13th July at 5.30pm

Rosé Wines are the go-to wines for summer for many people who enjoy a well chilled and fruity refreshing drink on a long hot summer day. So we invite you to join us for a tasting of a variety of rosé drinks on Saturday 13th July at 5.30pm to 8pm, starting with some fizz, a cocktail and a variety of wines from various countries.

Whilst this is going to be an informal tasting, there will be a little information as to how these wines are produced, the different styles available and hopefully it will encourage you to try something you might not have considered. We will also have an option of some red wine for those who prefer this style, although our prime focus this time is rosé.

We will also have a tea tasting available for those not wishing to partake in the alcohol offerings. Sample a variety of teas ranging from decaffeinated, fruit, black and green. 

To complement the wines and the tea, there will be an assortment of cheese and biscuits provided.

This evening will be free of charge, although you will need to reserve your place by email to

Please do this right away to ensure your place. The tasting is open to all over the age of 18.

If you enjoy the evening, you may like to leave a donation to cover costs.

Please do come and join us for a relaxed evening at Langford Village Community Hall.

Calling All Langford Crafters


Do you have crafts projects that you’re working on and that you’d enjoy completing in the company of others? If so you’re warmly invited to come along to the first of our open crafting sessions at the Hall on Wednesday 21st February from 2pm to 4pm.

Just bring your knitting, sewing, cross stitch jigsaws, painting or other crafty things into our warm and social setting where tea and coffee is also provided.

Perhaps the new sessions, to be held of the third Wednesday of each month, are just what you need to help finish projects started long ago and the place for you to ask questions or pick up hints and tips from like minded people living on Langford.

There’s no need to book and the cost is just £3 per person for each session.  

These sessions are organised by the Langford Village Community Association which will expect all crafters to ensure that all areas are left clean at the end of the afternoon.  

If you’ve any further questions about this activity please contact Sandra by email addressed to