Langford Community Orchard Group

OrchardDear Orchard Friends,

There’s lots of good news about the Orchard!

1. We’ve been ‘given’ an allotment on the Clay Pits site. It’s just over the fence from the Orchard. It’s big enough to have 6ft x 4ft shed to keep some tools which will be useful. So lets do some fund-raising for a shed! Please let us know if you want to help with the allotment or Orchard before the next work session as there’s lots to do. Lets think about what plans we have for it…trees…fruit bushes….more rhubarb!

2. The amazing folk at Bicester Green have made us a bench! It’s crafted with love and ingenuity! We need to decide where to site it and how to stop it being removed!

3. Bea and Steve have made a very attractive hazel ‘hedge’ to protect the newly planted currant bushes from enthusiastic mowers. It’s already saved a lovely clump of cowslips under the cooking apple tree from being cut down.

4. The ‘old’ currant bushes are sprouting new growth in response to the light and space and freedom from brambles as well as a dollop of cow manure. The strawberry plants look good and have been weeded. The pear trees have lots of blossom and the apple blossom is coming out, so here’s hoping for no late frosts and plenty of fruit this year.

5. One brave fritillary has been flowering in the ‘damp square’ also protected by Bea’s hazel twig fence.

6. We are invited to Chipping Norton Orchard’s Blossom Day. Sunday 27th April 12.00 – 3.00pm. Please see here for details and contact Pam for more. It’s great fun with food and music and a lovely community orchard to see.

Our next Orchard sessions are Thursday May 1st, Sunday May 25th, Thursday June 26th, Saturday July 26th. All at 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Tea provided! 

Please bring gardening gloves and your favourite spade/fork/trowel/shears etc.

So, what jobs need doing? 

a) The allotment needs weeding + fertilizing with manure ready for autumn planting.
b) The new currant bushes need weeding and watering and mulching.
c) Nettles under the mulberries, daffodils and the apple tree by the gate need removing
d) The bramble pile needs clearing

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a Happy Easter.
Pam, Claudia and Susan
(phone 01869-245313)