Langford bus shelters – arriving soon?

Langford Village Community Association (LVCA) has campaigned for many years to get bus shelter facilities for residents living on Langford Village. It now appears that – at last – we’ve some good news and that plans really are in the pipeline for two bus shelters to be installed on our estate. 

LVCA would warmly welcome this development as it would be a benefit for the wellbeing of so many people who live here and who rely on buses and public transport.

Although we’re still awaiting firm details of the planned date of installation for the shelters, this news comes as a clear result of LVCA’s collaboration with our local representatives and councils. 

A bus shelter on Bicester’s Churchill Road

The shelters will be a great addition to Langford Village in helping people keep dry while waiting for a bus and should help encourage more residents to consider cutting down on their car use by choosing more bus travel instead.  

The shelters will be sited on Peregrine Way near to Nightingale Place and will also be helpful to residents who’ll use the bus service to visit the new surgery on Graven Hill once it’s completed towards the end of next year.