Gavray Meadows – further news

Bicester 12.psdOn 20th October, John Broad and Pat Clissold gave a joint presentation to Cherwell District Council on a proposal to designate all of the Bicester 13 (Gavray Meadows) area east of Langford Brook as a Local Green Space. This is a new category in the National Policy Planning Framework to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities. John & Pat had proposed that the site was accepted for the richness of its wildlife and its historical record of old farming practices, and in particular for the site’s local significance.

After discussion by councillors – during which Lynn Pratt, Dan Sames and others spoke in support of the idea – Mike Gibbard (head of planning) proposed that the Local Green Space designation should be adopted by the Council and this motion was carried by a large majority. This means that the Gavray Meadows site to the east of the Langford Brook should be protected from further development. (See also article below on CDC Local Plan modifications, posted 22 September).

Please find links to agenda item 11 from the meeting here and here, the webcast here.

When viewing the webcast of the CDC meeting, use the timeline at the right of the video to select 01.42.32 (John & Pat’s presentation), 02.21.23 (Cllr Lyn Pratt) and 02.48.07 (Cllr Dan Sames).

3 thoughts on “Gavray Meadows – further news

  1. Great news! Well done. Thanks to all involved in gaining this.

  2. Pam Roberts also helped with the proposal jointly with us, and instigated the idea. Unfortunately she could not be present on Monday night as she had prior commitments.

  3. Just read about possible development of Gavray Meadows in The Guardian.Living in the North-West,recently suffering flooding in areas which should never have been built on,due to poor drainage,would that not be an argument against any building in that area? Hope you succeed in preventing the damage to such an important ecological site.

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