Bookaby Booking Guide

If you are having any difficult in creating a Bookaby account or making a booking then you may find the following information to be of help.

Create a Bookaby Account

Scroll down the list of classes below, then choose one and click ‘Book Now’. Next, click ‘Account’ and create your own account using your name, email address and phone number, preferably mobile. Scroll down and click the ‘Create Account’ button.

Booking a Single Class Session

Once you have an account, you can then book your class by clicking the ‘Book Session’ button, then ‘Add to Basket’, then ‘Yes’ to view the basket and ‘Proceed to Payment’. You will then be asked to input your Credit or Debit Card number, expiry date, CVC number (3 digits on back) and the post code the card is registered to, for additional security.

Booking Several Classes/Sessions

You can book and pay for several sessions of the same class at once by clicking ‘Book Additional Sessions’, ticking the ones you want and then clicking ‘Add to Basket’. You can also add other classes, by clicking ‘What’s On’ at the top of the page, and clicking on one of the other courses available, and adding to the basket as may sessions as you like. Once you have finished adding classes click ‘Proceed to Payment’ as above.

Booking for Other People

It is possible for someone with an existing account to book and pay for other people (e.g. husband, mother) in one transaction. The account holder would be known as the ‘Parent’ and the other(s) as ‘Children’ of that ‘Parent’. It doesn’t matter whether they really are children, spouses, other relatives or friends.

To add ‘Children’ to an existing account the ‘Parent’ would need to click on the booking link on our website, click ‘Book Session’ and sign-in as normal. In the ‘Make Booking’ screen click the button to ‘Create Child’ and add the name of the second person. Having entered their first and last names, just click ‘Save Changes’, you can then add other names in the same way, if required. Once all names have been added, any future bookings can then be made for any combination of ‘Parent’ and/or ‘Children’ as required.

To make bookings the ‘Parent’ would need to click ‘Book Session’ and sign-in as normal. The ‘Make Booking’ screen will then allow you to choose the attendee by clicking the drop-down arrow. Click the required name, then ‘Book Additional Sessions’ and tick all the extra sessions and/ or classes they would like, then scroll down and click ‘Add to Basket’. When asked ‘Would you like to view your basket now?’ click ‘No’. You can then click the ‘Book Session’ button again to make further bookings, using one of the ‘Children’s’ names shown. Once you have finished adding classes click ‘Proceed to Payment’ as above. 

Note: – The account holder ‘Parent’ doesn’t have to book any of the classes/sessions for themselves, and they can book several ‘Children’ on different classes/sessions if they wish.